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Program Bible Learner is intended for testing ability to find a place of citations in the Bible.



Complete set of the program

There are four standard translations of the Bible in Russian, Ukrainian, English and Slavic languages are delivered with the program. You can choose any of these translations for testing. Books in the chosen translation of the Bible are broken into logic subgroups. For example, English translation is completed with the following subgroups:

Full Bible - contains all books of Old and New Testaments

Old Testament - contains books of the Old Testament

New Testament - all books of the New Testament

Gospels and Acts - four Gospels and the book of Acts

New Testament Epistles Epistles of James, Peter, John, Jude and Paul

Epistles of Paul - only Paul's epistles

The program in a condition to offer places, both from all chapters of the Bible, and from their certain selection. Also, you can create own selection of books or modify already existing one. More detailed information about this located in section " Adjustment of the program ".


The operating procedure with the program

Your purpose during the test - to give it as much as possible right answers on twenty places offered randomly. The size of the resulted citation can be configured from the whole chapter down to two sentances. Also, you may answer as to within the book from which the submitted text was taken, and with the indication of number of the chapter of this book. Time for the answer is not limited.

In "Overwiev mode" the program works as the usual electronic Bible. Also in this mode you can recustomize already existing and to create new selection of chapters.

For each entered user, on each existing selection of books, on each translation of the Bible the separate diagram of progress is conducted. The diagram of progress on the current selection is displayed automatically after the answer to last (twentieth) question of the test. (the Diagram of progress can be received at any time by pressing mouse in area of "Correct / wrong" answers in the left top corner of the program.) Any place of the diagram can be scaled: by pressed the left button of the mouse in the left top corner of a place interesting you move the index wave more to the right and below selected place, and release the button. At the increased scale the diagram is scrolled by shifting the mouse with the pressed right button. For restoration of initial scale press the left button in any place of the diagram and move the index hardly above and more to the left. The diagram displays up to four curves simultaneously appropriate to answers: full chapter, 8, 4 or 2 sentances. For simplification of perception you can temporarily hide separate curves not interesting you, by clicking the left button of the mouse on rectangular appropriate to their descriptions in the bottom part of a window of the diagram. For display of all diagrams click on any rectangular by the right button of the mouse.

If you interrupt work of the program or change a configuration of questions before answering all twenty questions, result of answers to the previous questions is not kept. If you in one day answer a series from tests on one selection, will be remembered the total resulting answer for the day on this selection.



Adjustment of the program


Adjustment of fonts and colors:

All adjustments of fonts and colors made by the user operate only for the given user. To change color of a font, the size of a font or color of a window you must press the right button of a mouce at the appropriate window (citations or the list of books) and choose the necessary item of the popup menu. If you do not arrange the changes made, restore adjustments "by default", having removed a file "LEARNER.INI" from your user subdirectory.


Adjustment of sets of books and chapters:

The program is delivered with already picked up groups of books on which it is possible to carry out testing, however you can create your own.

In "Overwiev mode" press right mouse button on the list of groups of books. Choose corresponded item in pop-up menu. Specify name of new group of books. In the list of other books, pressing the right button of the mouse on books or chapters which for you are necessary in a new set and choosing item of the menu "Enter in the list of workers" add all necessary. In the list of working books, consistently pressing the right button of the mouse on books or chapters which you do not arrange in a new selection and, choosing item of the menu "remove from the list of workers" remove all superfluous.


Adjustment of sound effects:

If you do not like sound effects going complete with the program replace files "START.WAV", "RIGHT.WAV" and "WRONG.WAV" with your own.


Dump of statistics:

If you do not accept any diagram or group of diagrams of your progress at the moment when only this diagram (diagrams) are displayed on the screen click a mouce on picture a garbage tank in a right top corner of a window of diagrams. Displayed at current moment diagrams, will be destroyed for ever.

Because of large size and vast functionality of the program - I'll be grateful for any misstakes found and mailed to me