Driver Guard






  •         Create or distribute x32 and x64 drivers for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows7 or Windows8 ?

  •         Try to achieve maximal level of protection for your algorithms or protection against debugging and hacking of your drivers ?

  •         Want to save money on periodical signing of new versions of your drivers by Microsoft ?

  •         Want to let your driver work only on licensed by you client PCs ?

  •         Want to use some over’s drivers as your own before your own drivers will become ready ?




    DriverGuard – package which will create uncompromised level of protection of your drivers without any degradation in functionality and speed of the system.




    Main characteristics


  • Protection of any type of the kernel-level Windows driver: File System, PnP, Legacy, …

  • Protection of 32-bit and 64-bit driver versions for all platforms (including Itanium)

  • Encryption with the strongest algorithms for uncompromised level of protection (GOST 28147-89, Triple DES)

  • Installation and work of your unsigned by Microsoft drivers as signed. This feature allows you to sign only first version of your driver – all future modifications you will made will not require signing!

  • Easy signing of your drivers by Microsoft. You are not sure about the stability of your drivers and possibility to achieve signing from Microsoft?  Don’t wary – Driver Guard will protect functionality of your driver during test for stability Microsoft performs. You will be able to fix your bugs later.

  • Multiple levels of protection against debugging.

  • Possibility to optimize package for your exact needs.

  • Easy to start using.

  • Low cost.



    Demo version



    Now you have crippled version of the complex which can be distributed absolutely for free. It does not contain some know-how features and has several limitations, but allows getting basic knowledge about the product.


    Here is a general view of the main window of the program:




    As you see interface is simple and quite self-explanatory. In order to start you just need to specify path to the driver you are going to protect and press “Run” button. After this you will receive protected version of your driver with short description of performed operations displayed in the dialog like this:








    Additional options


    Even demo version can be configured in order to be able to protect you drivers in the way you need. Here is a short explanation of options you may see in the main window of the program:


    Compile into a single driver – Only one resulting driver will be created. This mode is useful to protect your own driver, or to make some over’s driver as your own.


    Store as a separate module – You driver will be encoded and additionally protected, but will be placed into the separate file. The main file (which will be loaded by OS except your driver) will be protector itself which will load your driver and will continue to protect it at runtime. This mode is useful if you are going to sign your driver by Microsoft. In this case you should send only generated module of protector and than use it signed version combined with any modified version of your main driver.


    Encode and calculate enhanced hash – encoders your driver. Demo version uses GOST 28147-89.


    Prevent dumping image from memory – image will be distort by protector in order to prevent dumping of decoded image from memory. Note: Some special drivers cannot be protected this way because of the specific actions they perform with the distorted areas.


    Do not run if debugger detected – Demo version does not perform strong control of existence of debuggers. Release version will not start if it detects existence of activated debugger of any type in system. This should prevent debugging of your driver on the client PC.


    Fulltime protection of the driver – Driver Guard protects not only at start but during the full period of driver work. Demo version has several limitations, but even it controls all calls to your driver.


    Nesting level – Allows you to protect your driver ones, than to protect protected version of your driver, than to protect this version one more time, and so on. Note – using big numbers here can reduce the performance of your driver.




    Run from the command prompt




    In order to integrate Driver Protector into your complex you may run it from the command prompt. Following "command line" parameters are supported:



      Show current help dialog.

    -f <file>

      Full path to the file with the driver which must be protected.


      Compile into a single driver.


      Store resulting driver as a separate module.


      Encode and calculate enhanced hash.


      Prevent dumping from memory (used with –e key).


      Enable checks to be sure there is no debugger (used with –e key).


      Enable fulltime protection of the driver (used with –e key).

    -n <nesting_level>

      Nesting level (used with –o key).


      Start protecting specified driver automatically.


      Quit the program at completion.





    What you will achieve in release version



    ·                    Significantly strong algorithm for protection

    ·                    Customized keys for encoding

    ·                    Customized identification of the protected version of your driver  by the system




    Cost of the product is $200




    Fill free to contact me by email to get additional explanations. After payment you will receive by e-mail all required software with unique keys and detailed explanations. WebMoney ID: 348830123583. Purses: dollars - Z188116653393, Euro - E224259648054.


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